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Sculptures  (selection)

Current studio work is based on various techniques and materials, also in combinations. It is today consciously inspired by the installations in various ways:  technically (by assembling similar or identical parts), formally (through focusing on curved/straight shapes) and/or materially by recycling the wood from dismantled monumental constructions. This re-use of slats transforms “wood with a history” into new sculptures, coloured objects or three-dimensional “paintings”.



Rainer Gross began his artwork as a sculptor in stone and marble. The focus was on creating a dialogue between rough natural parts and finely crafted geometric interventions with the intention to achieve a reconciliatory effect despite striking contrasts. This aim also applies to his installation activity which started soon afterwards. Site-specific constructions with an extended spatial reach then led to an interest in metal work which allows the creation of wide-span curvilinear forms. Concurrently, early sculptures carved in wood with chain saws emerged. Wood/steel combinations followed.  Later wood sculptures such as the series “Jahresringe” (annual rings) and “Einschnitte” (incisions) show influences of the installations by virtue of their “repetitive gesture”.






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